Screw Bolts Sets Educational Wooden Toys


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  • Montessori education is an educational method designed to cultivate individuals who are independent, responsible, caring and willing to learn throughout their lives. This is a wooden toy that promotes hands-on learning and develops children's ability to adapt to daily life. It's very simple, so babies, kids, and kids who focus on learning and playing can be regarded as early childhood education puzzle toys.
  • Montessori screw board is an educational learning toy, we use beech wood material, safe and durable. It includes a bolt plate with a size of 7.1 * 3.5 * 1.4 inches and 5 screws of different shapes, including a screwdriver and an allen wrench. There are also two grooves on the bolt plate to help children learn to organize and store their own toys and enhance their hands-on ability.
  • Montessori education has attracted more and more attention, and more and more kindergartens have participated in Montessori education. Different ways of using Montessori education can not only cultivate children's independence, independence, concentration, curiosity and perception, Montessori screw sets can help children build imagination and hand flexibility, training hand-eye coordination and hands Coordinate to promote brain development.
  • With Montessori screwboard play, parents give the baby various screws, and the child tightens the screws with the corresponding tools. After everything is resolved, use the corresponding tool to remove it, repeating this exercise will increase the vitality of the brain. After the game, put the tools and screws into the grooves to show the actual ability. Let the children learn and practice practical skills in life while playing.
  • The Montessori screw board is suitable for toys of 3, 4, 5, 6 years old. Younger children should play games with their parents to prevent inadvertently eating screws. This is a perfect wooden toy, we have developed a beautiful packaging that can be used as a child's birthday and Christmas gifts.






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